Software and IT Training

Software And IT Training

Companies invest in our training to:

  • Improve Revenue
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Increase Productivity
  • Better Data Security
  • Lower Costs

One of our divisions provides technical training for IT staff on a range of software products and technologies - VMware, Microsoft,  Java, Cisco, Adobe, Linux, IBM, Tomcat, CompTIA, web applications, security, and others.

Another division provides training for employees who use the software (SharePoint, Office, Google, Adobe, Intuit, and others). 

Example - Improved Revenue:

Three programmers with an international manufacturer were struggling making modifications to machine code for their robotic machine tool.  They had strong skill in making changes with the previous platform ( Visual Basic 6).  The code had been rewritten in Visual Studio 2010.  And they were frustrated trying to figure out how to make modifications using Visual Studio 2010.  One of our subject experts conducted a 3 day session on Visual Studio 2010.  The technical manager said the training gave he and the others the grounding they needed to make modifications using the new development platform.  He said if he had not had the training, he would not have been able to made modifications for their customers. In the first month following the training, he successfully completed one set of customer modifications using the new development platform.  This allowed for billing of work to a customer that would not have been available without the new skill set.

Example - Reduced Costs:

One of our consultants helped a services firm migrate to a cloud messaging solution (Google Applications).   This has saved this small firm hundreds of dollars over the first two years.  These saving came from eliminating software costs / maintenance costs for the following software applications - messaging, spam filtering, and anti-virus for messaging.  It helped avoid the future cost of upgrading the messaging software, server hardware, and server operating system software.  It has significantly reduced time needed for internal systems administration of the messaging envrionment (e.g. fixing problems when server is down, rebooting server, checking to insure software updates ran, checking logs, monitoring environment).

Example - Increased Productivity:

A product supply employee for an international consumer products company took over responsibility for maintaining a global training library.  This application allowed employees to research the data in this library. One of the problems was that some employees were not able to get to some of the information they needed.  The employee, Cassandra, did not know enough about the application to understand what her co-workers were asking her to do to fix the problem. The training we provided helped Cassandra learn the elements she needed to understand how to properly maintain the application.  The improvements Cassandra made in the application allowed employees to more readily find the information in the library.

Example - Improved Morale:

An international clothing manufacturing company was implementing a new enterprise resource planning software (Microsoft Dynamics).  Some of their staff lacked core skills using Microsoft Excel software (e.g. creating charts, using formulas).  Because many of them needed those skills to use the Excel files in Dynamics, Arden Education was brought in to teach these skills.  Because of the success of the training for several dozen staff, the prevailing attitude about using the new enterprise resource planning software was upbeat.
Example - Increased Data Security:

One of the programmers who works for a hotel chain needed to understand how to develop applications to support the hotels.  She needed to present information on hotel improvements (e.g. priority of upgrade, cost of improvement, timing for change) - but only to be viewable by the appropriate individuals. Through a series of half-day sessions, one of our trainers helped her make the necessary changes and helped her learn how to make modifications for future improvements.  This allowed for securing the data for viewing by only the appropriate individuals.

The points of difference that can make your training investment at Arden Training a better use of your money include:
  • Better up front definition of your situation allows for a more effective learning solution and better results
  • More seasoned subject experts that bring experience to your education experience
  • The high quality of the learning environment allows your brain to function at a higher level and increases retention

Through our curriculum, you have both public and private options available for helping you develop additional skill and knowledge.

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Software And IT Training

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