Software and IT Training

Improving Work


In response to requests from several customers, Arden Group Inc. began providing custom workshops for helping workers improve their skills using software applications.  

Here are several examples of benefits achieved:

  • Better data visualization and reporting from Excel data allowed for faster decision making
  • Improved sharing of documents with co-workers and customers significantly reduced time needed to find and work on documents
  • Increased knowledge of financial software enabled business owner to lessen the amount of time spent processing financial data


For a federal court system, our trainers helped individuals better understand how to use graphical elements to more readily present their ideas in emails to their colleagues.  This reduced the amount of time needed for decision making.

An insurance organization learned more about sharing of documents.  Now they can share documents anywhere they have access to a computer that is connected to the Internet.  This allowed agents to get more work done when away from the office.

Through training on a document management software application (Microsoft SharePoint), engineers at an aerospace company learned how much easier it was to share and work on documents on projects.


The programs provide hands on training with subject experts leading the learning programs.   

After using self study e-learning, live online classes, and watching videos, employees are asking to work with a subject expert (in the same room)

The sessions can be held at your location or the Arden education center in Blue Ash.

You can learn more about the available programs by contacting Robert Gepfert

  • Class offerings include Office 365, Excel, Google Apps, Word, Quickbooks, Access and SharePoint
  • Classes start at $190 per hour
  • Normally, the sessions are 4 hours in length 
  • Each class can have up to 8 students 

 Robert Gepfert , (513) 769-5590,

Software And IT Training

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