Software and IT Training


Great instructor. He doesn't have any problems connecting with his students. It definately made learning the courseware much easier.

Dean M. 

The trainer did an excellent job in assisting us during lab exercises and was very interactive.  He encouraged questions and provided clarification even when it may not have been warranted.  This, in turn, encouraged such an attitude within the classroom and amongst the students.  He was very effective in his presentation and knew his material well.  Enjoyed this training and look forward to future training at the Arden Group!

Vickie L.

Enjoyed the class, thought it was well thought out. Our instructor did a great job, I was most pleased.

Jerry D. - Chase Industries

This class answered alot of questions that I had concerning the applications developments. I had some really good experiences and have a better understading of development. I will look forward to taking more classes in the future.

Bryan J. - Square D

Very good instructor. Although I know he probably teaches this class often he still has a lot of enthusiasm for what he does. It makes the time go fast and the Modules enjoyable.

Tara G. - Square D

Software And IT Training

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